Let’s talk something about memories. The memories flowing in our mind create certain shapes and patterns to appear in the reality which occurs at our suroundings whether it’s truly existence or false appearence. People used to defraud themself. People are good in composed those visionary images to imitate as the beautiful woven gauze dancing in the air, like the fog, that causes the sight easily to be the blurred transparentcy.

The vancant gaps are the spaces that people to choose forgotten. We don’t know what’s the hole between each other, eventhough we innocently believe rest of the immense dimensions where have never been examined the reliability. Once of my friend asked me:

“Do you think without the memories that people is still to be human being?”

“Perhaps I should try to be.” I answered.

“To be what?”

“to be not to be anything.”

The conversation sounds like simulated sadness Shakespeare saying, but somehow it appeals the complex substance. As well as the interpretation of practicality is so unpredictable, and the contained possibility is indeed low-pitch. I thought about the movie “enternal sunshine of the spotless mind”, which showed the pictures that the impulse is the most significant factor to determine the pathway of recollction. When I fall in love with someone, I feel like marching in the maze, whether I attempt to going out or not. Therefore, the choice of memory becomes the complicated diversification instead of the easily dualism.

“If we can’t remember it all, we should at least have some idea of what we have forgotten.” Clive James said so. However, if we have already forgotten something that are forgotten whether we would like it to be remembered or not; how can we ensure it is the certainly memories that we want to recall, or in other words, to be lost?


As you knew when we was born, the ability of communication that we always deliver through our five senses – sight, hearing, smell, touch and taste; and that is why babies crying sounds make parents feel happieness. The action of “open eyes” of babies is not just meant he or she starts observing this world via him or her sight, which also indicates that we motivate our will to be human being.

In this video, the baby’s action that we would prefer to classify it as an “organism instinct“. He is shaking His arms and legs, and attempt to demostrate whom is alive, in addition, to arise from the attention to survive. After the baby opens his eyes, his universal begins changing. The interaction of him with the camera is the finest evindence to represent how human behaviour which is influenced by our vision.

When he looks at the camera, firstly he discovers the camera len’s reflection and to be curious. As the camera zooms the lens close more and more, he cannot recognize which’s meaning is positive or negative, therefore he starts crying again for defence himself.

That’s the most important function of our vision ability. To spy, to observe, to perceive and to distinguish other creatures and our surroundings; and insure we would not be attacked by to be seen. Thus, we experience the colours, the shapes, the subtances and everything about abstract and concrete, then we visualize those visible symbols to interpret human behaviour.

My MA research


Nowadays, to be a graphic designer means creating a dimension universe which ought to communicate with the illusion and the reality, particularly in this media community. Graphic design have to explain all kinds of cultural aspects for the audience, and to consist of the meaning of design elements between localization and globalization. Principally the system of communication such as science of sign, is carried on the task to send information to viewer. This is because this particular communication can reduce the misunderstanding of cultural difference from the designers who want to go through the issue to the consumer; no matter who they are or where they are from. As well as this kind of visual language usually base on the common consensus, so the designers should take the responsibility to classify the background information of the design project which attempt to strike most of prospective target or individual aims.

Sometimes, a coke can shows in a movie that is not just meaning of coca-cola, and a piece of furniture or a frame of poster that is not a fortune to occur in the scene. It is the layout of motivated description. It is the finest design in director’s mind. It is all about personal experience. It is a film director who wants to create the collective memories for people in the same society to indentify with, such as a kind of group, a type of tribe, a sort of race or a form of culture; no matter it is fabulous or atrocious. Furthermore, graphic design is same as this occasion. When I create an art project, I also want to convince the consumer or the viewer that is what they exactly desire to. “Buy” is not only purchasing the product but the concept. “Sale” is not trading the benefit but the faith. What art is that is not the critical subject in this society. How to exhibit art that must be the most significant topic to our community.

I think the graphic design scene in contemporary which focus on the multi-media such as web design or interactive exhibitions more and more, therefore, it causes the visual languages that become more coordinated between the regional and worldwide. Accordingly, today most people only want to absorb the information as soon as possible which let them feel not out of the stream in modern society, so multi-media can decrease their anxiety about time flow away when they spend time on the different phase of information. In addition, people receive the mass media from different society and platform, their psychological status will translate the repetitive unknown signal to their cognitive linguistics – the native language and the nurture experience. According to the process, the information can be as simple as people’s expectation and recognizing. Nevertheless, the smallest mistake can procure the biggest damage. Those tiny but upset symbols often make the misconstruction to both side which are coming from two totally different cultures.

For example, if I send an e-gift card to my Chinese friend to celebrate the birth, the illustration definitely cannot show the clock on it, that is because the pronunciation of clock in Chinese same as the death, and mine meaning would not indicate my friend to go to hell. Moreover, in Asia, if people walks on the street to encounter a black cat, the phenomenon in folklore usually implies something terrible or horrible condition is going to happen t, but in western countries, the black cat can be signified luck. Those examples tell briefly in two diverse cultures, same object can display the opposite meaning whether in visual field or audiogenic part.

Since I come from Taiwan which be populated more than four hundreds years by several nations until modern times, I can observe this island’s nationality which is usually cultivated by other countries’ custom or the international media’s judgment. The autonomous awakening of culture is still potential and low-pitched. Although the manufacturers and the technology industries have the brilliant mark in the global, but self cognition do not grow as success as we expect at all. In my personal experience, this kind of information affects frequently contradictive problems in my life such as the conversation between my foreign friends and me, we made unnecessary misunderstanding when we first met and talked about each historical culture. If there has a book or a guideline which could direct each other’s cultural basis in visual way, that will be definitely the educational project to myself. Therefore, to modify the situation by this concept that will be in my MA thesis in the future.

Hence, in my further study at your school, I would like to design a book or to hold an exhibition which could account for the various material’s implication between East and West from the people’s imagination such as, Dragon, is extremely amazing animal in the eastern culture but not in the western culture; to the functional stuff such as white candle usually means romantic and peaceful in the West but is considered ominous in the East. Thus, in my project, I am able to visualize these objects in three categories that will be real, surreal and virtual which include the organism, the creature and the affair in the present time, or even the mystical legend in the ancient period. In addition, this project will aid people to:

  • be acquainted with the cultural foundation from various background,
  • also assist people to reidentify their own historical position in either society,
  • and to redefine my personal identification in design career which ought to reveal my interests in symbol of deja vu,
  • finally, to demonstrate the importance of system of communication in the multicultural world.

Free writing


Free writing. That means I have to write down something fluently without thinking anything. Just the instants between my fingers and the thought. Nope, even not the fingers and the thought, maybe it’s about the skin and the fragments flowing in my mind. But how can I write without planning? How can I give the pressure to keyboards without considering the affairs in the day time, and my life in this unknown city? How can I type these letters to clarify my interpretation in my works without organizing what I’ve seen in my surrounding? And How can I perceive those sensitive feelings in my day dreams without dreaming in the darkness nights to understand the isolation is the truly essence of human being?

Maybe I should hold the pen again, like I took the pencil to sketch as well. By the strength of handful, perhaps I can realize what should I write, how can I tell. Though I might never brief the point to classify my thought. The ambiguous chaos is my favorite sin; such as the life in this reality. People are selfish. My biggest selfishness is my kindness. In my subconsciousness I can do everything if I treat people with terderness. I’m wimpish sillyness. I want to be as free as those alphabets but I guess eventhough I could only be the strokes of the latters. Endlessly. Kind of circulation. In the world which merely belongs to me.

The fucking universe wherever has the excuse to be.